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If you’re taking a Walking Holiday, This Is What You Should Take With You

  • by Michael Alex
  • 11 Months ago
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Nowadays, walking holidays are more popular than ever before and those folks who do take one, seldom go back to the old way of taking holidays ever again.

  • Be it walking around beautiful Britain or Europe, there are more people now walking around and away from the tourist masses, than at any time in the past.

But why is that? And what will you need to take with you when you do decide to go on a wonderful walking holiday?

A Great Combination of Health and Atmospheric Benefits

A refreshing and truly invigorating activity for both the body and soul, the delight of a walking holiday is a truly remarkable experience.

  • Spectacular views in abundance from the mountains whilst rambling along lush orchids and inhaling healthy, fresh and clean air, are the other superb benefits you will be afforded.

From the highlands of Scotland down to the Mediterranean, where Italy walking holidays from Walking Europe, are becoming increasingly popular, you can find that somewhere special to visit.

Better than Ready

When going off on a walking holiday, there are some things you will need to take along. Naturally, a good sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots is an essential. (You should take a few short walks in them prior to embarking on a longer walk).

And, a solid backpack, which contains all necessary items will be vital in making your holiday perfect. Those items are:

  • Good hiking socks to make walking comfortable.
  • Water bottle(s) to stop you from becoming dehydrated through your trip.
  • Some light spare clothes, especially a lightweight, waterproof raincoat or jacket to guard you from any mountain winds or sudden showers.
  • A torch to keep you on the path and walking safely when it gets dark. Torches are also crucial in emergency situations, as they will help you to draw attention.
  • A first-aid kit with the basics, i.e. – medicines, bandages, plasters. If you have to take any prescribed medicines, carry with you additional supplies.
  • A good working compass with a map of your destination will help to guide you whilst walking. (You can get good maps from your tour operator)
  • Swiss army knife – always useful.
  • Watch and sunglasses.
  • Plastic bag(s) for your toiletry items. Also, a good hand sanitizer is important, as you may have to wash your hands during the trip when water isn’t available.
  • An insect repellent, a hiking stick, a whistle and quick drying clothes are also what you may need.
  • Some small snacks, things like fruit or energy bars will stave off hunger pangs and moments when you need to quickly give your energy levels a boost.
  • Remember to take your cell phone.

Your walking holiday will indeed be a most enjoyable experience where you will get to spend time with Mother Nature all around you.

Ensure that you have the above with you to make certain that your holiday is indeed one that is truly memorable!

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