What Makes a Hotel Room Great?

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There are a lot of families who do not take regular vacations and stay in a hotel. For them any hotel room is a good enough room. However at http://chateaubromont.com we have quite a few regular travellers who prefer to stay with us, not because we give them sheets with a certain thread count or because we can keep so many pillows on the bed. If you ask them, these things don’t matter to them that much. What really matters to them are things that hoteliers may take for granted at times.

Here is a list of things they think makes for a great hotel room.


All hotel rooms will provide a shower room. However, not all hotel rooms have a dedicated bath tub. Many of the customers who are frequent travellers prefer to end their day with a nice long soak in hot water. It gives them an opportunity to relax and end their day well and this is what they remember from the stay.

High Speed Free WiFi

Internet connectivity is very important for frequent travellers since they need to constantly be connected to their mail and work. Now most hotels do boast of having WiFi for their guests but a times it is chargeable. You end up paying extra for using the internet. And if it is free then speed can be an issue. A sloth like internet connectivity is known to be one of the major irritants of business travellers.

Decent Number of Power Outlets

A room should have enough power outlets for the guests to plug in their mobile chargers, laptops, and other electronic devices. A guest should not have to duck under the writing desk or need to move the furniture around to access the power outlets.

The position of the power outlets should also be thought out properly. The ideal places to have power outlets are near the desk right above the surface and near the bed so that your guests can lounge on the bed while using their devices.

Windows That Can Be Opened

There are hotel rooms that do not have any windows or if they have windows then they cannot be opened. A closed room can feel stuffy to the guests. And what’s the point of having windows if they can’t be opened? Let your guests open the windows to feel the crisp morning air if they want to.


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