November 4, 2018

Currency Exchange: Where to Source the Best Rates

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When preparing for a trip abroad, it is always important to bring some local currency to ensure you don’t get stuck at arrivals if your bank card isn’t working.

If you are travelling to a foreign country, you should think about buying currency that you can use on arrival. But when and where is the best place to get it?

Currency Exchange Bureaus

If you are thinking about where to exchange money in Melbourne, currency exchange offices and money changers should be your first port of call.

These companies are specialists in what they do, they have a lot more experience than other financial organisations such as banks, in addition, they are far more competitive offering customers much better rates.

More people use their services, so they can offer customers great rates, allowing you to benefit more from a currency exchange bureau or a money changer. Because so many people use their services, they can provide the best rates on the market and still make a living.

Prior to changing money, remember to check out several currency exchange businesses in your area to find out the difference in rates.

You’ll be surprised to see that many money changers rates differ dramatically. If you plan on buying a rare currency, it is important to check numerous bureaus to find out which one offers the best rates.


You do have the option of going to your local bank to order foreign currency. But most of the time they won’t have what you want, so you’ll have to wait for a few days to collect your money. Banks are the last place you should consider if you are in a hurry to get foreign currency before you go abroad.

There are three downsides to using your local bank as opposed to money exchange bureaus.

  1. They usually charge a fixed commission amount.
  2. Your bank won’t store foreign bank notes, so you’ll have to order.
  3. They generally offer a higher rate of conversion.

When it comes to exchanging money, it is better to go through an exchange office rather than dealing with a bank. It is easier to use your card to withdraw money once you reach your destination and buy cash at an exchange bureau prior to leaving the country.

Online Organisations

Another option which is fast become one of the most popular ways to exchange money is to use online foreign exchange businesses. You can order foreign currency at highly competitive rates from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to receive your bank notes at your place without having to travel to an exchange booth. If you have time, they offer a great solution.

It is advisable to exchange your money in a reliable exchange bureau before you travel abroad, this way you’ll have local currency in your pocket if anything goes wrong with your bank cards. When this money runs out, you can then start to use your debit or credit cards for living expenses and other things.

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