November 4, 2018

Family Friendly Vacations with Whale Watching

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Family vacations are something that kids remember their entire lives. These experiences often take a lot of planning by parents. They can also be expensive. It is important to find activities that are enjoyable by all family members, otherwise you may find that either the kids or adults are not having a good time. Beach vacations are a popular choice for families because there is something for everyone. Younger kids can play in the sand and shallow water, while older kids can take surfing or snorkelling lessons. The entire family can get out on the water with a whale watching tour.

On the Boat

Sydney whale watching usually requires that you go out on a boat. You do not leave the boat, however, when you are looking out for whales. These tours are comfortable for families with kids. You may stand out on the deck and watch for the whales. The boats are usually large enough for many people and are made to be comfortable for travellers of all ages. If you have small children, however, you may want to talk to them about what it is like to be on a boat, so they are not scared when the day comes. They may be surprised to see how big the ocean really is as they look at it off into the distance. Get ready for some excited squeals when they notice the whales.


Whale watching tours are safe for all ages. Adults may have an option to wear a life jacket, while kids are required to do so. There may be instructions given before you head out on the water. Pay attention so you know how to behave and how to help your children. Even though you are on a boat, the open water is only a few feet away. Make sure you keep from climbing on the railings, as this could result in a fall overboard.  When you are careful, everyone involved can have a fun and safe experience.

The Sights

Get ready to see some amazing things while you are on a whale watching tour. You can see more than whales, so look closely during the entire trip. There may be dolphins, turtles, and various types of fish. Sea turtles are often shy and may disappear back under the water quickly. Some tours stay moving most of the time, while others may anchor for a bit in a popular area. When the tour stops the boat in a specific area, it is often a known location for whale sighting. You may even see a shark if you look closely!

Family vacations are a great way to build lifelong memories for your children. You can search online to find out what types of activities are available in the area you are travelling to. You may also plan the vacation because of some well-known attractions. There are many things available for the family in areas where beaches are a main source of entertainment. Whale watching is only one of them.

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