July 14, 2018

Having Fun on Norfolk Island

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One of the great places to visit in the Southern Hemisphere is Norfolk Island. This island, which has a fascinating history, is located off the east-coast area of Australia. The island, which is part of the Norfolk Ridge, is categorised as a volcanic atoll, and features a sub-tropical climate. The island rises from the sea on precipitous cliffs to a plateau that culminates at Mt. Bates and Mt. Pitt, at approximately 110 metres.

Home of the Norfolk Pine

At one time, the island was covered by a green and lush forest, one that was dominated by the Norfolk Pine. Nowadays, the island is now mainly a place that is designed for people who are interested in natural surroundings. Some national parks and reserves are part of the island landscape.

The island was first visited by Captain James Cook. Whilst most people might think that the beautiful isle was named after the Norfolk pine, it was actually named for the Duchess of Norfolk by Captain Cook. Cook thought that the pines on the island would make excellent masts for the ships.

The first British settlement was established in 1788, which was considered an extension of a settlement in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. However, the pines were found unsuitable for use and the settlement on Norfolk Island in 1814 was abandoned.

By 1825, the island had been resettled. However, this time, it was established as a penal institution for British convicts that had been transported from England. Later, the penal colony housed convicts from Van Diemen’s Land and Sydney. The conditions at the time were dreadful, and it was said that convicts were treated horribly.

Finding a Place to Stay

However, the island today is a far cry from how life was at that time. Visitors can still visit the sites where convicts were held, but can also take advantage of the beautiful natural scenery. They can also have access to resort accommodations, such as the Governor’s Lodge Resort Hotel. In fact, if you are interested in arranging a visit, you can choose form package travel deals.

Package deals at a resort hotel allow you to experience your holiday without worrying about costs and an itinerary. For instance, a package deal enables you to take advantage of return airport transfers, lodging, car rentals, concierge services, and island tours. You can also enjoy a welcome dinner as well as a half-day orientation of the island. Deals also include a Norfolk language class, a life as convict tour, and a night show.

Packages are normally offered for six nights. However, you can stay longer, if you wish to do so. For example, maybe you want to stay an extra night. That can be arranged. The price per person is about $200 extra. Therefore, you do not have to worry too much about the cost.

To make sure you receive a package deal, you want to book travel by a specific date. You can also go online and email a tour service about this special opportunity. If you want to enjoy this type of benefit, it is best to plan ahead. That way, you can enjoy a lower price and can be assured that you will receive the rooms or suites of your choice.

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