September 12, 2017

The Best Places In India For Fishing Enthusiasts

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Fishing is one of those things that everybody doesn’t get, and those that do, enjoy it to their utmost core. India harbouring numerous rivers and coastlines, this list is a best of version for fishing enthusiasts, showcasing awesome places to travel to and spend the day fishing. Here we go!

Mahakali River (Uttarakhand)

The MahakaliRiver is located onand crosses the countries of India and Nepal, and is famous for the sports of fishing, rafting and also bird watching. The Mahseer fish is found in abundance here and the most famous spot for trying out your fishing skills is the Pancheshwar Fishing Retreat. Pancheshwar located only about 180 km away from Nainital, those that don’t have or don’t want to use their own transport could easily rent motorcycle from Nainital online.

JiaBhorali River (Assam)

 This place has been known as a popular fishing destination since the British times. The major fishes found here are the Murral, Goonch and the Indian Trout. If you feel the need to compete, head over there in November where they hold an annual competition for Angling. The best time to visit the place is from November till March.

Jim Corbett (Uttarakhand)

October to mid-June is the best time to visit this place for you fishermen. The Ramganga River flowing through the national park is a great place to throw in your lines and get a hold of fishes like the Mighty Mahseer, the Goonch, Brown Trout and many others. However, you may require a license to test your fishing skill here, but that is readily available from the Divisional Forest Officer.

Lohit River (Arunachal Pradesh) 

Housing the Brown Trout in abundance, this river is a great place to fish. The most popular region on the Lohit River is Wakro. Although caution is advised to anyone willing to venture out there for fishing as it is known for leopards and wild elephants to roam the place. All in all an exciting place to be hooking that line. To make this trip even better, get there via bike as the roads are crazy good. If you don’t have one or aren’t willing to take your own, hire motorcycle in Guwahati  and make the most out of this amazing fishing paradise.

Lakshadweep Islands

The fishing experience here is truly an amazing one. With crystal clear water, these islands provide a completely unique fishing ambience that you most probably won’t experience anywhere else. There are various aquatic life that can be found here like flying fish, yellowfin, rainbow runner, coral fish, red snapper and many others. Visit this place between the months of October to May, as before that the monsoons are prevalent here.

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